About the

The dynamic musical sounds of Suprecret are available for concerts, parties, clubs, lounges, weddings and special events.  Featuring guitar & keyboards, male and female vocals along with "electronic digital magic" gives this duo the sound of a 6 piece combo.  Old school musicianship with a high-tech edge makes for an efficient and affordable performance package.

A "singer songwriter" at heart, Don Barker is most at home in the studio, writing,  producing and recording music.  But the joy becomes complete when taking the music to the stage in a live show.  Always tinkering with new ways to rearrange and present all time favorites, he draws on the experience of years spent touring the Western US and Alaska, playing the music that makes people want to move with the groove and dance the night away.

Educated with a more traditional background in classical music, teaching piano, and accompanying choral groups, JoAnn Ebbett is plunging head long into the world of Rock and Popular music and loving every minute of it.  Her sweet gentle voice and crisp keyboard chops add life and dimension to the look, sound and feel of the Suprecret Band.  She drives home the point that if you learn the fundamentals of music you can play in any style.